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Tire Pressure Monitoring System – Strap Type

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Tire Pressure Monitoring System – Strap Type

Product Functionality:

  • Is a battery powered pressure sensor enabled by an algorithm to monitor the tyre pressure and the associated temperature inside the wheel. Real-time data relay to user platform (Vehicle Dashboard/Mobile) or a warning light when the pressure goes out of configured range.

TVSSS offering:

  • TPMS mounted on rim with the help of a strap
  • Product suited for tubeless tires
  • BLE based communication
  • Mobile based GUI application
  • Compatible with Vehicle dashboard integration (BLE based)


  • Application: 2w & 3 w
  • Specifications
  • Technical Specification
Input Voltage-range : 3V
Pressure Range : 15 to 110 psi
Temperature Range : - 20°C to 85°C
Mounting : RIM
Communication : BLE 5.1
Communication Range : 7 – 10 feet