TVS Sensing Solutions Private Limited Formerly ZF Electronics TVS (India) Private Limited

About us

TV Sundaram Iyengar Founder

TVS Sensing Solutions offers value added solutions to industrial, consumer durable, automotive, IT Segments besides offering quality precision micro switches and application support to our customers, from our manufacturing facility in Madurai. TVS Sensing Solutions emerges as key player in Sensor Products and Solutions that serves Automotive, Industrial and Appliance markets in standalone products and in IOT products. TVS Sensing solutions also serves the end to end solutions of IIOT through eco system partnerships. TVS Sensing Solutions make it headway in niche markets by adaptation of emerging technologies through enduring partnerships.

In industries and environments that are constantly evolving and demanding, TVS Sensing Solutions has remained a trusted partner, developing customized solutions. We engineer and manufacture products of the highest standards to meet customer expectations, their needs and challenges of ever-changing customer requirements through in-house engineering capability and faster responsiveness. TVS Sensing Solutions works in close partnership with our customers, supplying products that are ‘best in class’. The driving force behind the Company through the decades has always been its quest for excellence and TVS Sensing Solutions’ products are a testimony to this Flexibility in volumes ,variety and competent production technologies are key strengths of TVS Sensing Solutions that deprive of any limitations to serve any global customer base in the competitive environment. With a commitment to total customer satisfaction in all our products and services, TVS Sensing Solutions, provides continual improvement of processes, environmental, occupational health and safety performance through our constant evolution of innovative manufacturing solutions.

Integrated Management System Policy

TVS Sensing Solutions Private limited., is committed to total customer satisfaction in all its products and services through continual improvement of processes, environmental, occupational health and safety performance. Through

  • Conservation of Natural Resources.
  • Prevention of Pollution, ill Health and Injury.
  • Complying with legal and other requirements.
  • Active Participation of all the employees.

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"We are now in Fiber Optics sensing solutions as well Our subsidiary, Fiber Optic Sensing Solution where we are going to provide a complete range of Fiber Optic sensing solutions. We have already launched our own product range for the market of safety and security, and providing sensing solutions for temperature, vibrations, pressure, shape, etc for various industry segments through our partner companies. Please visit for more details."


To Enhance human experience by designing and implementing innovative control solutions to industrial and automotive application