TVS Sensing Solutions Private Limited Formerly ZF Electronics TVS (India) Private Limited

Since 1911

Over 100 year Tradition

Turnover $ 6.5 Billion
39,000 employees
50 companies

Quality Culture:
Japan Quality Medal,
5 Deming Awards

Customer Endorsement: GM’s Supplier Award
4 years in a row


Largest Auto Parts Distributor in India


Largest Auto Components
Manufacture in India


Fastest growing Two - Wheeler
Company in India


Most respected in Non Banking Financial Services


Dominants in Logistics : 90 Years


Fast Growing in telecom Products, Services & IT Infrastructure

Our Qualities

Focus on Quality

Regardless of the field they work in, TVS companies are known for their unwavering commitment to quality.

Most group companies have adopted Total Quality Management as a way of life. Robust processes and stringent controls underlie every activity, delivering tangible benefits to all stakeholders. While each company in the group has achieved significant milestones on its quality path, five companies have won the coveted Deming Award instituted by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers.

Uncompromizing Ethics

The TVS Group's reputation for honest and reliable business conduct is one of its greatest assets. Built by many people over many years, the group has a strong legacy of accountability, integrity and transparency. Its commitment to competitive excellence is combined with total, uncompromising integrity.

Responsibility towards society and the environment has always been a strong force at the TVS Group. This is manifested in the form of diverse community partnerships. From schools and hospitals to initiatives for drinking water and electrification, companies contribute actively to the development of the society in which their people live and work.

People Focus

The people that make up the TVS Group work in an environment of shared ideas, efforts and responsibilities. The group's history, marked by long-standing relationships, is testimony to the fact that people have found careers with it and not just jobs. Recognized for its excellent human resource practices, the group addresses each individual's need to grow professionally and personally. Strong emphasis on employee welfare and systems for continuous training have allowed different businesses to attract, retain and develop outstanding talent.