TVS Sensing Solutions Private Limited Formerly ZF Electronics TVS (India) Private Limited

Geartooth Speed Sensors (GS102301 Series)


  • Capable of operating up to 140ºC
  • Sealed design exceeds IEC60529 IP68 standard for immersion
  • Resistant to fuels, solvents, and lubricants associated with engines, transmissions, brakes and chassis systems
  • ESD resistant to 15kV (contact discharge)
  • Operates at near zero speed
  • Mating connector Packard sealed female connector assembly 3F
  • Supplied with installed Vit on O-ring
  • Installs into a standard M20 x 1.5 O-ring port


  • Operating Voltage Range (VDC)

    25 mA max

  • Supply Current mA max

    6 mA max

  • Output Saturation Voltage, mV max

    600 mV max

  • Output Current mA max

    25 mA max

  • Operate Temp Range °C

    -40° to 140ºC*


Specifications subject to change without notice

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