TVS Sensing Solutions Private Limited Formerly ZF Electronics TVS (India) Private Limited

ILAPS Intrinsically linear angular position Sensor (AN101101)


  • Patent-pending non-contact angular position sensor
  • Magnet/sensor orientation provides intrinsically linear output over 120 degree maximum travel without the need for electrical compensation
  • Provided with programmed output or end-user re-programmable to compensate for tolerances in your final assembly
  • Programmable offset, gain, temperature compensation, and clamping voltage
  • Fully encapsulated electronics to IEC IP67



  • Effective Rotational Sensing Range

    ±45°, ±60°, ±75° (Customer specified)

  • Input Voltage

    5.0V ±10%

  • Input Current

    10mA, max. @ 5VDC

  • Output Current mA max

    25 mA max

  • Max. Overvoltage:

    25 mA max


Specifications subject to change without notice

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