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FingerTIP ID Board G83-14400

Keyboard with integrated fingerprint sensor and PC/SC smart card reader

The capacitative fingerprint sensor from UPEK with Capacitive-Sensing Technology grants password-free log-on and identification. The TCS1CD sensor from UPEK is the biggest capacitive sensor on the market and fits high security standards in public administration and governments. The integrated PC/SC chip card reader gives the USB keyboard a high usability, for example to secure personal data.


  • USB keyboard with finger print sensor
  • Capacitve fingerprint sensor TCS1CD from UPEK (ST-Micro) with TouchChip technology
  • PC/SC Smart card reader
  • CardMan 3121 compatibly

Smartcard-Reader :

  • Chip-card protocols : T=0, T=1, S=8, S=9, S=10,
  • Contact: mechanical swipe reader,
  • Software interface: CT-Api, PC/SC, CCID,
  • Compatible chip card types: Reads and writes on all ISO 7816 cards

Fingerprint reader:

  • Reading principle: Capacitive (surface)
  • Resolution: 508 dpi
  • Hardware interface: USB

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